Garrett is proud to bring its state-of-the-art E-Turbo Technology to PHOENICE project

The concept embeds a high-speed electric motor (>200k rpm) into the core of the Turbocharger which is powered and controlled by Garrett’s own inverter. In this configuration, the inverter takes in DC current from the vehicle network and switches it into 3 phase AC to drive the motor. Powerful algorithms switch the phase currents at frequencies up to 30kHz delivering a turbo that has near instantaneous response (<1s). This gives the flexibility to rematch the aerodynamics to focus on the steady-state performance, enabling dual dilution combustion strategies (Excess air and EGR) to meet the challenging engine efficiency targets (47%). Additionally, robust, low friction bearings allow the turbo to be motored at low speed just prior to and during engine cold starts to assist a faster warm up of the exhaust after treatment system.