PHOENICE Engine steady-state warm calibration

Steady-state calibration of the engine on IFPEN’s test bench

Steady-state warm calibration of the PHOENICE prototype engine was carried out at relevant engine load points on IFP Energies nouvelles‘s engine test bench. A specific sequential methodology of optimization has been set to achieve the lowest fuel consumption while minimizing the pollutant emissions. This calibration has been performed on ~40 operating points: operating points defined as representative operating points, specific operating points to achieve the highest possible gross indicated efficiency and points in full load conditions.

Gross indicated efficiency map after optimization

The target of Gross indicated efficiency = 47% was achieved.

A comparison with the reference engine shows a gain of 5 – 15% of BTE. The modifications made to the base engine (high compression ratio, injection system, E-Turbo, EGR and air dilution, Swumble™) allowed to greatly increase the BTE.

BTE improvement of PHOENICE engine versus the reference engine