Launch of the website

PHOENICE announces today the launch of its new website, !  The PHOENICE website is an important step to showcase the achievements of the project activities.
It follows up the progress of the consortium and also gives information on the latest news, stakes and developments in the hybrid and electric vehicle sector. It addresses the stakeholders of the PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) ecosystem and public at large.
The PHOENICE website provides:

  • a detailed description of the project, the partners and a follow-up of the work carried out;
  • a set of documents (deliverables and publications) accessible in a dedicated tab; and
  • a quick and exhaustive access to all the background files, news, speeches, press releases and publications related to the project.


The PHOENICE project, which started in January 2021, aims to demonstrate the maximum potential of a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, optimised to reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions under real driving conditions. With a duration of 42 months and involving 8 partners from 4 different countries, the bricks developed will reach a TRL 7 close to industrialisation. PHOENICE is co-funded by the European Commission under the grant agreement N° 101006841