PHOENICE finalised the integration of the main components in the prototype engine!

Compared to the baseline engine provided by Centro Ricerche Fiat (CRF), the main improvements are:
– New cylinder head design implementing SWUMBLE™ motion (IFPEN)
– Increased compression ratio from 10,5 : 1 to 13,6 : 1
– VNT (Variable Nozzle geometry Turbo) e-Turbo provided by Garrett Motion and replacing Waste Gate turbocharger
– Increased injection pressure from 200 to 350 bar (CRF)
– Introduction of Long-Route cooled EGR (A Valeo prototype water charge air and EGR cooler)
– New Con-Rod (CRF) and Piston design (IFPEN)
– Increase of the maximum cylinder pressure limit from 120 to 140 bar