PHOENICE was at the 27th Supercharging Conference in Dresden last week

On behalf of the project, our partner Garrett – Advancing Motion detailed the challenges of the matching activities and design choices of the E-Turbo, as well as the strong synergies with the vehicle’s system.
Indeed, to target the high powertrain efficiency, the project developed a dual dilution combustion (DDC) engine that uses EGR and lean combustion. To enable the steady state engine operation in highly diluted conditions, a VNT™ turbine was matched and paired with a state-of-the-art compressor. Additionally, the E-Turbo helps in engine transients, not sacrificing the drivability characteristics of the overall vehicle. The project also takes advantage of the E-Turbo’s features so that it can be working closely together with the aftertreatment system to allow faster catalyst light-off and therefore reducing the real driving emissions.